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E.U. customers



E.U. Customers

Excise duty applies to alcoholic beverages. Duties are different in each E.U. country. German Customs charges 13,03 Euro per Litre of pure alcohol.

Customs recently explained that we have to pay duties to the specific European country from where the consumer orders alcoholic beverages. To do so, we have to hire a service provider, as we are not allowed to do this ourselves.

Simple Case Scenario:

A European Union member consumer purchases alcoholic beverages from us. We need to tell customs that we would like to "export" this order, which means massive paperwork. Through an approved service provider (i.e. transporters/delivery companies) we can recuperate German duties. However, we also have to pay duties in the destination country, where these taxes could be several times as high as in Germany. On top of that, the service provider charges an additional fee.


This business scenario causes a lot of administrative work and is not financially feasable. We apologize, but hopefully you will understand that, for this reason,we can no longer sell to consumers(excluding professionals) in the E.U., outside of Germany.


Customs explained to us that if an indiviual purchases spirits abroad, and brings these bottles back to his country himself, that's ok. But as soon as a third company (transporter/delivery company) carries alcoholic goods over the border, excise duties will then apply in the country where the goods are to be delivered.


You can at least continue purchasing non alcoholic products.


We're going to expand our collaboration with distributors in various E.U. countries that supply their domestic markets. We will list these companies shortly, so you can continue ordering our products through your domestic supplier.


This does not affect professional businesses with a bonded warehouse.

Zoll - German customs official page on this topic: