Worthy Park Rumbar Overproof

A excellent Overproof from Jamaica


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Product information "Worthy Park Rumbar Overproof"

Rum-Bar White Overproof produced by the famous, Jamaican distillery, Worthy Park. The distillery has remained the same
way since its inception in 1670 when it was gifted to Lt. Francis Price. A visit to Worthy Park is a trip back in time to the days

of unspoiled landscapes far from the white sand beaches and palm trees.

Rum-Bar Rum is a White Overproof blend of three 100% pot-still un-aged rums. It provides a high level of quality and

flavor. Rum-Bar Rum has a powerful, delicious and fruity. It is perfect in drinks with its 63% alc.

ABV: 63% vol.
Country of origin: Jamaica
Food producer : 1423 ApS | Kielbergvej 7 | 5750 Ringe | Dänemark
Net filling quantity: 700 ml
Type of product: Rum
Worthy Park Estate

Nestled in the Vale of Lluidas or Lluidas Vale as it commonly called, features the landscape greenery that defines Worthy Park includes, a glimpse of another side of Jamaica. In the central Municipality of St. Catherine, away from the white sandy beaches and palm trees, a visit to Worthy Park is a journey back in time to the pristine landscapes and natural beauty that Jamaica is about gave it its name "Land of Wood and Water".

The Worthy Park Estate has been like this since its inception in 1670 remained. It became Lt. Francis Price for his services to Cromwell during the English conquest of the island from the Spanish in 1655 given. Since then it has been through the acquisition of neighboring islands extends properties. The Commercial Production of Cane and Sugar began in 1720 and continues unabated to this day. Since then it is only owned by three families and since 1918 in the hands of the Clarke family. During this time, Worthy Park has not only with Sugar cane cultivation and sugar production but the country was busy also used for cattle and citrus, poultry and others agricultural crops. The cultivation of other crops and Livestock, however, was consistently in favor of increased cultivation of Sugar cane and sugar reduced.

Of the more than 10,000 acres of land, about 40% of the land is currently being used used for sugar cultivation. Up to 20 types of sugar cane grow however, most acreage ranks among the top three. The sugar season in Jamaica lasts from January to the end of June. Because it's the season operates 24 hours a day are the other months of the year dedicated to a complete maintenance of all equipment in the sugar factory. While the traditional and preferred method of harvesting sugar cane is the Handcrafted, Worthy Park has done for the past 20 years as well Combine harvesters used to supply the daily sugar cane support the sugar factory.

Since 1968, our sugar factory has been voted number 1 at the Island rated for efficiency. Annually about 210,000 tons ground sugar cane. More than 90,000 tons are made by Worthy Park Supplied with supplies through purchases from local farmers is added. 2015 was a record year with 246,647 tons of ground sugar cane. The factory's average annual sugar production is 24,000 tons and in 2015 we have the production record of 2014 just missed (27,632 vs. 27,656).

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