Product information "William Hinton Rum - 9 Months"
After only 9 months in oak barrels, this pale rum is the first step up to the all-white, fresh Rum Agricole by William Hinton. It already offers light vanilla aromas from the tannins of the cask storage. A great example of how cask aging affects an excellent starting product.

This William Hinton Agricole Rum is also very suitable for drinks, but also for drinking neat!
ABV: 40% vol.
Country of origin: Portugal
Food producer : Engenho novo de Madeira | Parque Empresarial da Calheta Lote 30/53 | 9370-250 ESTREITO DA CALHETA
Net filling quantity: 700 ml
Type of product: Rum
William Hinton Rum

In 2006 the distillery was awakened from this deep sleep! the Sugar cane production was on the rise again, but it was lacking processing companies. The passion for sugar cane was then too the driving force of the Hinton family heir to a new distillery establish. The "Engenho Novo de Madeira" produced in the first step Rum Agricole and Sugar Syrup for the local market. At the second step barrel-aged rums and liqueurs were added to the range. currently on burned in an ancient column burning port, which was last burned in 1969 by the Fabrica do Torreao and revised by ENM in 2007. Although in primarily produced for the regional market, but the international market is becoming more and more important. The geographic Location and the 600-year tradition of sugar cane processing make the Rum Agricole from Madeira already has something very special that Cask aging is the cut that transforms this rough diamond into a brilliant power!

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Content: 0.7 Liter (€28.50* / 1 Liter)