The close connection between Lion Spirits and Oliver Matter should be well known. For many years, Oliver Matter has given me 2 boxes of Malbec from Dieter Meier's (Yello) Argentinian Estanzia 'Ojo de Agua' for Christmas, which I really appreciate. One day Oliver Matter's phone rang: a familiar voice answered the other line and introduced itself: Dieter Meier my name, I heard you are a very good distiller. I am looking for someone to realize my idea of a gin with...
Ojo de Agua Gin
Dieter Meiers (Yello) new Gin project with Oliver Matter

Content: 0.5 Liter (€83.90* / 1 Liter)

Swiss Tschin (Gin) by Ruedi Käser from Fricktal

Content: 0.5 Liter (€85.90* / 1 Liter)

The spirits brand Matter Spirits is known for high quality and handcrafted spirits. This is where unique products are created that will convince every lover of spirits and cocktails. In addition to liqueurs, bitters and absinthe, the Matter Spirits range also includes juniper distillates.
For example the Ojo de Agua Gin, which was created in collaboration with Dieter Meyer. Dieter Meier is not only known in Switzerland for the music group Yello. Ojo de Agua is made with botanicals from Dieter Meier's farm in Argentina, among other things. The collaboration between Matter Spirits and Dieter Meier resulted in a very special recipe with lemons from Tucumán, mate, brandy from Dieter Meier's Malbec and a blackberry spirit made from organic blackberries from the Ojo de Agua farm. This special gin convinces with its cleverly combined botanicals with tonic or in a cocktail across the board.
It goes without saying that the Ojo de Agua Dry Gin is made entirely by hand in Switzerland by Matter Spirits.

Käser's Castle

Ruedi Käser is a Swiss jack-of-all-trades who has already caused a sensation with his fruit brandies and whiskies. With his Tschin he hit the bull's eye again, which attracted attention as far away as the Hanseatic city of Hamburg!