Product information "S.B.S Jamaica 2013 H"
Single Barrel Selection Jamaica 2013 is a Jamaican rum based on molasses that was distilled in a pot still in 2013. The marque of this rum is <>H with an ester content of 900-1000 gr/hL AA. The rum matured in an ex-bourbon cask and was bottled at cask strength with 68.3% vol. S.B.S Jamaica 2013 is limited to 219 bottles.

Scent: Intense Jamaican funk with notes of green apples, grilled pineapple and salty caramel.
Palate: Oily texture with intense flavors of fermented fruit, slightly burnt popcorn, dark caramel and toasted bread. The finish is long and dry.
ABV: 68,3% vol.
Country of origin: Jamaica
Food producer : 1423 ApS | Kielbergvej 7 | 5750 Ringe | Dänemark
Net filling quantity: 700 ml
Type of product: Rum

Single Barrel Selection is a 1423 series of single barrel rums from around the world. More than 50 variants have been made in the last four years released and cover a wide portfolio of different rum styles and origins. S.B.S focuses on the pure rum direct from Barrel, without additives or chill filtration. All bottlings will Bottled at high alcohol, some at cask strength. Our rum comes either directly from distilleries or from a rum broker. the Barrels are shipped to Denmark where they are stored in our own warehouse be stored.

Depending on the availability of rum and casks, we decide us every now and then to pour the rum into a new cask to give it a finish - matching the flavor profile of the rum.

Each barrel is individually inspected and remains in our warehouse, until we realize that the rum has reached its pinnacle of quality Has. Once the rum has reached this peak, it is aged in our Lagerhaus bottled by hand, completing the cycle of craftsmanship in a manner we deem appropriate.