Product information "Mandarinengeist - tangerine spirit"
Similar to the blood orange spirit that has become a hit, the Sicilian Giancarlo also serves as a reliable supplier for the mandarin spirit. The mandarin variety Ciaculli is ideal for this fruity spirit, as the aromas are particularly intense.

First, the fruits are set in alcohol (macerated). During the distillation, scrupulous care is taken to ensure that the temperature does not rise above 80°C, otherwise the flavors would not develop in the finished product. The clear distillate is full of the essential oils of the tangerine peel and is distilled to 42% vol. alcohol Drinking strength reduced.

We recommend Faude Feine Brande Mandarinengeist as an elegant, fruity digestif that breaks with traditional habits.
ABV: 42% vol.
Country of origin: Deutschland
Food producer : Faude Feine Brände | Bergstrasse 18 | 79268 Bötzingen
Net filling quantity: 500 ml
Type of product: Obstbrand
Faude Feine Brände
Florian Faude, born in 1984, belongs to a new generation of fruit distillers. The young man is actually a trained winegrower, but the fruit aroused his interest very early on. Already at the beginning of his apprenticeship he developed the idea of “Faude Feine Brande”. The aim is to revise the dusty image of the fruit brandy. With a healthy down-to-earth attitude, he notes that burned fruit used to be of modest quality and one thing is very clear: If you only throw windfall fruit into the burn pot, you shouldn't be surprised if only a "throat cleaner" comes out at the bottom. For this reason, Faude only uses fully ripe, flawless seasonal fruit. It is also important to him that he only obtains the fruit that he does not grow himself from local businesses that he is friends with. The effort he puts into may be very high, but numerous medals and awards prove that customers such as the First Class Lounge of Lufthansa in Berlin rightly know what is made in Bötzingen am Kaiserstuhl. 
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