Luis Felipe Perla Azul

Pedro Ximenes grapes aged in Luis Felipe barrel


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Product information "Luis Felipe Perla Azul"

PERLA AZUL is produced from Pedro Ximenez grape, a kind of white grape, pretty delicate, which is cultivated in some regions of Andalusia - Spain. After the harvest, these grapes are sun dried slowly in order to grapes lose water and sugar condenses. And just then, they are pressed. There is not a lot of juice left in these grapes, so it´s obvious this is something very precious. It´s is thick, very sweet, very dark and heavily loaded with an un compromisable range of aromas. Afterwards some wine alcohol is added to stop fermentation. This product is aged by BODEGAS RUBIO in old casks of LUIS FELIPE brandy and set aside long. On the palate, PERLA AZUL PX is pure joy and remnants of its taste will linger on your tongue for very long time, leaving an impression that you´re going to remember a lifetime.

ABV: 15% vol.
Country of origin: Spanien
Food producer : Bodegas Rubio | C/ Palos, 14 | 21700 - La Palma del Condado
Net filling quantity: 700 ml
Type of product: Likör
Bodegas Rubio
The legend of LUIS FELIPE begins in 1893 with the discovery of some oak barrels in a bodega in La Palma del Condado. These contained an aged brandy that was different from the brandies known up until then. These almost forgotten casks were inscribed LUIS FELIPE because they had been reserved for the Duke of Montpensier, son of the French King Louis Philippe I, who lived in the San Telmo Palace in Seville until 1890.
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