Guignolet d'Anjou

A traditional cherry liqueur from France


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Product information "Guignolet d'Anjou"
In 1890, James Combier considered product diversification. The goal was to reach a larger audience with new flavors. Like his father Jean-Baptiste, James Combier was also interested in authentic products made from regional ingredients that had a special finesse. Guignolet, a cherry liqueur that has been made from black heart cherries in the French province of Anjou (Loire Valley) since the 17th century, was predestined for this.

Madeleine Gautron 1632 - Invention of the Guignolet d'Anjou The birthplace of the Guignolet d'Anjou is the Benedictine monastery of Saumur, which is just 350m away from the Combier distillery. Mother Madeleine Gautron lived and worked there. At just 23 years old, she was elected prioress and led the monastery for 42 years. Through the sales of the Guignolet d'Anjou (formerly also Parfait d'Anjou), the sisters were able to maintain the monastery economically. Georges Gautron, a descendant of the Mother Oberin, left the recipe to James Combier in 1890, which has since been produced unchanged by the Combier distillery.

After a long maceration, the black heart cherries develop their typical aroma, which is unique among all cherry liqueurs. James Combier had the right nose. Even today, Guignolet d'Anjou delights the palates of countless fruit liqueur lovers. You can use it pure or as part of a cocktail.

Guignolet d'Anjou is a liqueur made with guignes, small wild cherries from the distillery's orchards. Its scent of almonds comes from the long maceration and comes from the cherry stones. In the mouth, the almond flavor gives way to candied cherries after a while. It develops a beautiful contrast between sweetness and lively fruitiness. Guignolet d'Anjou is a magical ingredient in cocktails, giving it its vintage and gourmet touch. Guignolet d'Anjou is traditionally served chilled as an aperitif.
ABV: 17% vol.
Country of origin: Frankreich
Food producer : Combier SAS | 48 rue Beaurepaire | 49400 SAUMUR
Net filling quantity: 700 ml
Type of product: Likör
At the age of 25, Jean Baptiste Combier married Josephine-Uranie Destre and founded the Combier distillery in Saumur with his brother Claude. He himself opened the Confiserie Combier-Destre. A still was installed in the back room of the confectionery, on which the liqueurs for the sweets were distilled. In February 1847, Jean Baptiste Combier left the Confiserie to Leon Ponshuret, but reserved the right to continue burning there. In January 1848 the Combier-Destre's bought an area in the rue Beaurepaire. New buildings were built and new kilns purchased. The products were sold from a warehouse in Paris and all over the world on catalog request. The most famous products of the house were the Curacao Triple Sec and the elixir Raspail - a panacea that the physician Francois Raspeil invented in 1854. In 1863 this liqueur was renamed Elixir Combier. The couple Combier-Destre had 3 children: Anne-Uranie, Jean-Baptiste James and Leonie Berthe. James was sent to Paris at 19 to learn the trade of a liquorist. He then traveled through France, England, Italy, Greece, Algeria, Egypt... On January 15, 1866 the company was renamed Combier pere et Fils. In 1871 the company founder died and the junior gave the company a new direction: a warehouse was opened in Marseille, which took over the export business. On June 3, 1899, Combier registered the absinthe brand "Blanchette". In 1904 the company was converted into a limited partnership and was renamed Combier & Cie. From 1915 to 1927, the company produced an "Anis Combier" that complied with the laws of the time.
Today, the distillery is owned by Franck Choisne, who continues the Combier distillery to the old successes with a lot of commitment and innovation. 

Jade Absinthe
While searching for a suitable distillery, the American came across Ted Breaux on Combier. Since Combier has old Pernod distilleries, it was the ideal distillery right away to reproduce absinthe from the 19th century based on food chemical studies. In 2004, Nouvelle Orleans was born, the first in a whole series of excellent products.
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