The Dane Henrik Hammer is one of the international veterans of the gin scene. He has been a member of the IWSC jury for years and has won countless prizes with his Geranium Gin and Old English Gin. Both products complement each other perfectly and should not be missing in any bar. Not only the unbeatably good price/performance ratio, but also the different concepts of both products are not empty marketing gibberish, but are a real enrichment of the gin category! Exclusively distributed by Lion Spirits
since 2009
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Geranium 55 Overproof Gin
The new Overproof Geranium

Content: 0.7 Liter (€42.79* / 1 Liter)

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Geranium Gin
many times awarded Gin by Henrik Hammer

Content: 0.7 Liter (€21.36* / 1 Liter)

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Henrik Hammer has been working in the field of gin for many years. He conducts tastings and seminars and has been a juror at the IWSC and other competitions for years. After trying a few hundred gins, he decided they were fairly stereotypical, despite the many exciting new products that have come out in recent years. For this reason, he accepted the challenge of developing a gin in the London Dry Gin category to the limit.
Henrik had been thinking about geraniums for a long time, because the scent of the geranium leaves alone reminded him of a gin & Tonic. In addition, geraniums have been used for centuries as medicinal plants for depression, fatigue and more. Interestingly, it is also used by chefs to neutralize the air in the kitchen and to flavor dishes.
So you could see that geraniums and juniper were used in a very similar way. A chemical analysis also supported this scientifically. Both botanicals were found to contain (as the gin industry is accustomed to say) similar essential oils. This clearly confirms that both ingredients harmonize well with each other.
Now it was a question of extracting the essential oil from the geraniums. The technique of steam distillation is usually used for this purpose. Luckily Henrik's father was a chemist and had a lot of experience having worked for the perfume industry. He set up a small laboratory at his home and undertook numerous experiments until he got the hang of extracting the essential oil from geraniums.
The aim has always been to produce an authentic London Dry Gin, so the product had to be distilled in England. The recipe was scaled up with an English distillery, because what you produce at home on a 5 liter distillery cannot be reproduced 1:1 on a large distillery. The recipe results in a gin that is incredibly versatile. Kristian Kamp is the only Dane to contribute a recipe to Gary Regan's Gin Compendium and he calls it: chameleon!