Czech Republic & Martin Zufanek

Martin Zufanek runs the family distillery in the White Carpathians with his brother. With around 8,000 own fruit trees, it is clear - this is no longer about a small distillery, but about someone who has a clear goal in mind: fruit brandies, herbal distillates and liqueurs that are produced from A-Z in-house at the highest possible level. It is therefore not surprising that Zufanek had two new distilleries installed by Arnold Holstein from Markdorf on Lake Constance in 2016, because these systems enjoy the highest reputation among distillers. With his absinthes, Martin Zufanek plays with the best in the world and with OMG - Oh My Gin he has succeeded in making the most popular gin in the Czech Republic!
OMFG - Oh My F*** Gin Limited Edition 2023
wonderfully dry gin from the White Carpathians by Martin Zufanek in the annual special edition

Content: 0.5 Liter (€169.90* / 1 Liter)

OMG - Oh My Gin
First Gin from one of the best Distilleries in the Czech Republic - Zufanek is a guarantee for high quality spirits.

Content: 0.5 Liter (€59.90* / 1 Liter)

40.2 %
OMG - Oh My Gin Small Bottle
First Gin from one of the best Distilleries in the Czech Republic - Zufanek is a guarantee for high quality spirits.

Content: 0.1 Liter (€59.50* / 1 Liter)

€5.95* €9.95*
Martin Zufanek produces outstanding distillates in the white Carpathians. In addition to fruit brandies, this family business also produces absinthe and gin. The latter is mostly produced as London Dry Gin and comes from England. Many do not know that the original form of juniper schnapps is genever and comes from the Netherlands. Martin Zufanek's distillates are also made using the London Dry Gin process. This means that no additional sugar is added. The most famous product of the Zufanek family is the OMG Gin. Whereby the OMG does not stand for the well-known English exclamation, but for "Oh My Gin". The OMG quickly became one of the most popular distillates in Prague and is also very popular in Germany.
Every year a limited special edition is created in the Zufanek distillery - the OMFG Gin. As with the OMG, this abbreviation does not stand for what young people use in their text messages. Here the OMFG stands for "Oh My Finest Gin". This special edition is distilled every year with a new extraordinary botanical. In recent years, for example, ginseng and catnip have given the juniper schnapps its unique aroma.
 It is a small miracle that we can also offer Le Gin Occulte by Martin Zufanek in our range. Because this creation was only created at the request of a customer and is actually only available in the Le Valmont Club & Lounge offered in Prague. It impresses with its unique herbal profile, which is reminiscent of the Belle Epoch in France. The juniper distillate offers countless combination possibilities. Even if the gin fizz or tonic are the most popular drinking options.
The products from Martin Zufanek can be combined and enjoyed to your heart's content. Buy and taste the Le Gin Occulte, the OMFG or the OMG from the Zufanek distillery.