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After we had been exclusively marketing absinthe for about 9 years, a friend from Copenhagen brought the first gin into our range and we opened the company to generally a variety of new products that had nothing to do with absinthe. The passion for absinthe still burns, but innovation is often missing, because we had the impression that we had done and achieved everything in the field of absinthe that we had imagined from the beginning. The development of a second sales platform was the logical progression, because who would look for a gin under a sales channel ""?
Alkohol, Bier, Getränk, Flasche, Schnaps

Discover the versatile world of Verjus: history, use in the kitchen and in cocktails

Let's dive into the history, the versatile use in the kitchen and in cocktails

Roar with Flavor: Der neue Wild LION Gin, inspiriert von der Majestät der afrikanischen Tierwelt

Dieser außergewöhnliche Gin verkörpert den ungezähmten Geist der afrikanischen Savanne und bringt ihn in jeden Schluck ein

Distilling rights in Germany from 2018

In January 2018, the new alcohol tax law was passed, which reorganizes the distilling rights.

Distilling rights in Germany

It's not easy, because before you can even get a drop of selfmade distiller, the committed distiller first has to make his way through the German bureaucratic jungle.