Absinthe La Clandestine 1935 Barrel-Aged 200 ml

"1935 La Clandestine" matures for 6 years in oak barrels and combines traditional absinthe flavors with cognac notes. Ideal to enjoy neat after a meal, similar to a fine whiskey. One centiliter develops an intense taste with a long finish.


Content: 0.2 Liter (€549.75* / 1 Liter)

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Product information "Absinthe La Clandestine 1935 Barrel-Aged 200 ml"

Buy the La Clandestine 1935 Barrel-Aged in Germany

"1935 La Clandestine" is an absinthe that was made according to the Clandestine Blanche recipe and matured in new oak barrels for six years.

This spirit combines the aromas of a traditional absinthe with those of a fine cognac. In addition to classic absinthe notes, "La Clandestine 1935" also contains the typical wood and vanilla accents of a cognac. The few connoisseurs who had the pleasure of tasting it were thoroughly impressed.

What is the best way to drink barrel-aged absinthe?

We recommend drinking it neat, ideally after one good meal, similar to an old cognac or a fine whiskey. Just 1 cl reveals the full aromatic diversity of the absinthe and the oak barrels. As with a whiskey, a few drops of water can be added to develop the aromas even more.

A small centiliter offers an intense variety of aromas with a long-lasting finish!

ABV: 51% vol.
Country of origin: Schweiz
Food producer : Distillerie Artemisia-Bugnon | 8 Grand'Rue | CH-2108 Couvet
Net filling quantity: 200 ml
Type of product: Spirituose
Distillerie Artemisia-Bugnon
Claude-Alain Bugnon is probably the most famous absinthe distiller in Europe. He began distilling absinthe as a black distiller in 2000: absinthe was not legalized again in Switzerland until 2005. He acquired the "secret" recipe from Charlotte Vaucher in 1935 and still makes absinthe today in Couvet, the 18th century birthplace of absinthe. Claude-Alain is the distiller behind eight Golden Spoon winners at Pontarlier's Absinthiades.
Claude-Alain's wife, Karine, is also his business partner and burns with her husband or takes care of the visitors. As anyone who has visited them in Couvet knows, Claude-Alain and Karine Bugnon are great hosts and reflect the spirit of 'conviviality' embodied at La Clandestine.
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