Butterscotch Grandma Erna's Baked Apple Liqueur

Sweet notes of apple surrounded by almond, cinnamon and caramel


Content: 0.5 Liter (€39.90* / 1 Liter)

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Product information "Butterscotch Grandma Erna's Baked Apple Liqueur"

According to our secret and old family recipe, we produce our baked apple liqueur from the highest quality raw materials, avoid industrial processing and guarantee maximum aroma and finesse through a particularly gentle process.
We produce our Butterscotch Liqueur from selected ingredients. In our family-owned distillery we do without industrial processing. Handwork, high-quality raw materials and careful processing guarantee our high quality standards.
Ideal to give away or enjoy for yourself. A quick and versatile dessert. Whether pure, on ice, in a drink, coffee or as an add-on to dessert. Our baked apple liqueur calls for cozy hours in front of the fireplace, after a nightcap after a family meal or after a little treat next to mulled wine, biscuits and more.

ABV: 20% vol.
Country of origin: Deutschland
Food producer : Destille Kaltenthaler | 67593 Westhofen
Net filling quantity: 500 ml
Type of product: Likör
How do you describe something that evokes childhood memories in everyone? Creamy caramel, a pinch of vanilla and warm chocolate notes ensure bright eyes in a long-lasting finish.
Exactly like grandma's caramel pudding back then.Butterscotch is a great addition to desserts such as sundaes, iced coffee, but classic desserts also get a little extra kick with a sip of Butterscotch Liqueur.
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